Born from a partnership of passionate engineers, instructors, designers, builders, pilots all. Limitless Paramotors draws from over a hundred years of combined technical and flying experience.

Our engineers have developed a marvel of a paramotor. With class-leading strength, customization-ability, torque compensation & race-tested performance. Limitless Paramotors allow nearly infinite control of your pilot experience.

At Limitless we’re always looking to the future so we designed our frames to grow to suit your needs as a pilot no matter what they may be. As your skills develop, the Limitless frame will be ready. We think of it as a Lego style building block approach.


Our team wanted to remove the frustrations we found with other paramotors through our experience. Not just the big design flaws but the little things that make life with a Limitless so much easier.


After watching thousands of take offs and landings at fly ins and schools all over the world we knew we wanted a base frame that could take more of a hit than any we’d worked with so far. Let’s face it, mistakes happen! Especially when you’re a beginner pilot. However, we wanted to keep the intermediate and advanced pilot in mind as well.

That’s why in addition to a stronger base frame with extra supports, we also added a larger hoop size (that is still comfortable to fly even for smaller pilots) which adds additional prop clearance and keeps your hands away from danger. Our class leading hoop sizes allow everything from standard sized propellers up to 150cm for pilots looking for more thrust and lower consumption. 


Our “No Boundaries” engine mounting plate accepts nearly every leading paramotor engine without any change in hardware.

As pilots increase their skill, the power they need to perform their chosen missions often changes. Our engine mounting system allows pilots to grow from lighter, more beginner friendly motors all the way up to those designed for pylon racing or tandem flights… All with ease.


Our 6 way adjustable swing arms  allow near infinite control of not just how you hang from the glider but width, height, arm length, and more.

We understand that not all pilots are the same height, or weight. We know that everyone develops their own flying style over time and we chose these arms because they allow nearly Limitless adjustability (see what we did there?).


Most experienced pilots have preferences on the “ride” of their paramotors. We wanted to create a frame that suits them all. That’s why we have, low, standard, or high mount for your paramotor harness. Those pilots coming from units that naturally buck forward under power more than others prefer the low, or standard mount. Pilots who want a more “power steering” feel without movement under changes in power prefer the high mount.


What good would our special engine mount be if we didn’t look ahead to the need and integrate a special radiator space into every frame? Whether you’re flying an air cooled motor or a water cooled Sky, Polini, or Vittorazi, your Limitless frame is prepared for your current needs… And your future plans.


If you’re an experienced paramotor pilot you likely know the frustrations of burning your wrist on a hot exhaust as you fill up for one last flight at sunset… Or spilling toxic, staining, & stinky gasoline & oil down the back of the harness you’re about to sit in. With our streamlined fuel tank (coming late 2022) we not only reduced drag and harmonic vibration while increasing thrust but added an attractive yet easy to use fuel fill that’s sure to make even the largest jitters spill proof.

Additionally, we’ve heard horror stories of pilots losing their fuel cap in flight and destroying a brand new propellor. That’s why we integrated a tether into our new fuel caps, assuring that you won’t be the one telling that story around the campfire at the next fly in.


Limitless is always looking to the future. We designed our frames to grow to suit your needs as a pilot. As your skills develop, the Limitless frame is always prepared for your next step. Bigger motors, trikes, tandem, Limitless is ready.


It is common knowledge within the paramotor world that the best possible material for most frames is Titanium. Strong, light, and easily repairable, we knew we wanted Titanium as the heart of our paramotor… But most Titanium paramotors are built in Russia and with the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, we’re thrilled to share that ours are not.

Limitless Paramotors begin their lives in Spain and are assembled here in the USA to your exact specifications. You decide which options, features, and colors you want, and our team in Florida  creates a concierge experience. You can even watch your paramotor come to life in person, or through our web cameras.


Limitless is one of only a few Titanium paramotors built somewhere other than Russia.

Smooth curves and purposed triangulation allow the Limitless paramotor frame to absorb as many mistakes as possible.


Our team worked tirelessly to design a frame free of the issues we’d seen in our experiences as instructors, competitors, and maintainers. We know the importance of minimizing lever arms that can easily bend into a propellor on a hard landing, and how valuable it is to have a frame that can take a direct hit forward and down to avoid transferring that energy into the pilot’s spine.


That’s why we’ve built a solid tubular base frame that is both stable at rest on the ground (nothing is more annoying than a paramotor that tips over on anything but the most flat surface), and incredibly strong. It’s made to absorb as many mistakes as possible.

Additionally, the base frame has been designed with trikes in mind… But more on that later.


Our Limitless frame brings the weight of the motor as close to your spine as possible. One early test pilot remarked that the Limitless with Polini 303 felt “20-30% lighter” than the frame they’d flown the 303 on previously.

We take geometry as seriously as customizability. Keeping the weight close to your back reduces the lever arm and enhances the pilot experience; allowing for more flights, more fun, and less back pain.

A big engine shouldn’t force you to move to a trike (even though trikes are fun). Make the most of your power with a motor mount that keeps the weight as close to you as possible.


Our team wanted to remove the frustrations we found with other paramotors through our Centuries of experience.
Not just the big design flaws but the little things that make life with a Limitless so much easier.


Our initial goal was to develop something that grew with every pilot. From first flight to world championship. We were frustrated with the model that so many manufacturers had introduced. “Want change? Buy a whole new rig!”

We knew there was a better way. A way rooted in an ecological mindset. Our parents and grandparents did not grow up throwing away something just because it was damaged or didn’t meet their immediate needs. They fixed things, or they improved them. They repaired the washing machine when it needed it, or they built hot rods from commuter cars. 

The Limitless can be a commuter, an ultimate cross country machine. It can be used in training and then grow with each pilot as their needs develop. This isn’t a throwaway machine and it hasn’t been designed to maximize profits for the manufacturers who normally sell expensive adapters or entire new sub frames in order to allow for a motor swap.

We believe in our pilots. We want to see them grow. We made them a paramotor frame that is not disposable.

Instead of selling used, disposing of, or otherwise losing value. The Limitless Paramotor grows with its pilot. Ready for anything.

Sometimes you need a moment for levity, and to acknowledge when something has been over engineered beyond compare.


Yes, this part of the website is just for fun… But look at all those holes! imagine all the engines you could mount! Near endless possibilities.


We love what we do and we have fun doing it. But making this the most capable paramotor in the world?
That is what we’re all about.


Our 6 way adjustable swing arms allow near infinite control of not just how you hang from the glider but width, height, length, and more.


Remember those fancy six way swing arms? Well, while they have been tested to over 15G’s and have proven as strong as any other (and stronger than many), they are easily removable for transport in minimal space with a single pin.


Our 6 way adjustable swing arms allow near infinite control of how you hang from the glider and your comfort in the harness.

Vertical adjustability allows pilots to refine their exact position relative to the thrust line of the engine. Slalom pilots use this to determine the exact angle of thrust fully accelerated to maximize their speed. Beginners can easily use factory settings but know they can adjust as they discover their own preferences.


Having a wide range of horizontal adjustment allows our pilots to create fitment that is designed for their body type and flying style. If you’re a wider pilot, simply adjust them for maximum comfort and avoid the pain and struggle of fitting into something designed by someone who’s never had to buy a shirt that wasn’t a “schmedium”.

This adds the ability to correct for the torque of the motor no matter which direction your prop turns. Again future proofing you from having to buy expensive parts when changing engines in the future.


Because our swing arms adjust 6 different ways, pilots can set up the length of the arm itself, or shift their harness loop forward and back as needed. These variations are designed to please even the most particular pilot.



We ran out of buzz words… But during the testing of our 1st to 8th generation prototypes we got a lot of feedback. Great feedback. People who flew units different than ones we flew on a daily basis often looked for a different feel from their flying machines.

They wanted more bucking, less bucking, more bar control and a better thrust axis while fully accelerated… Or they wanted the opposite. Absolute comfort and maximum efficiency.

We’d never planned to offer a customization of how high the harness was mounted until we realized it was absolutely crucial and could alienate pilots who had a different preference. That’s why we created a specially CNC machined top harness mount bar that is three way adjustable to meet the demands of every flying style.

Vertical adjustment allows you to move the swing arms up and down to adjust the height.



More and more we’re seeing pilots progress from their air cooled first engines and move into the water cooled giants like the Polini 202, 303, and Vittorazi Cosmos. We make it simple and affordable to simply upgrade your powerplant rather than being forced to replace expensive sub-frames or buy new mounting hardware on almost any powerplant you’re looking for.

Building in space for the radiator was super important in this process as most paramotors are designed to be air cooled, OR water cooled. Our design allows for both.

Vertical adjustment allows you to move the swing arms up and down to adjust the height.



Whether it’s fuel caps with threads so fine they almost always end up cross threaded, or fuel fill locations that are hard to reach, or placed in a position you’re almost certain to spill all over your harness.

Many tanks block massive portions of the airflow to your propellor and thus cut off potential thrust and if not designed properly can create a cavitating airflow that often creates more problems with harmonic vibrations that can damage the engine itself.

So, yes. Most paramotor fuel tanks have their own challenges for sure. That’s why we’re making something better… And while it’s not available at launch, we expect to have it finished by the end of 2022.

Both our current tank, and the new one carry 5 gallons of fuel to maximize your time in the sky.

Our new fuel tank that is currently in development for release in late 2022.

Our No Boundaries engine mount accepts everything from an Atom 80 or Moster 185 up to the powerful Cosmos 300 or Polini 303. No need to change hardware or order expensive adapters.



The Atom 80 is able to satisfy both the needs of both paramotoring beginners, thanks to its ease of use and simple maintenance, or for experienced pilots under approximately 200lbs. Ultimate lightweight performance, the Atom 80 is a fuel efficient engine capable of enduring long flights while also providing unparalleled comfort and ease of use, characteristics that make it a faithful friend of long and fun flights. 



The Moster 185+ is considered by most to be the benchmark engine in the paramotor industry. It’s robust power and overall dependability have made it the most produced paramotor engine in recent years.


The Factory R is the pinnacle of air-cooled paramotor engines. Designed to maximize power reliably over a long period of time, the Factory R is machined out of solid billet aluminum but it’s hardware is entirely titanium. The airbox, exhaust mount bracket, and propellor plate are all made of solid carbon fiber. Produced in small numbers this engine is a true beauty. 


Vittorazi’s first major entry into the high power line up. The Cosmos is designed for paramotor trikes, ultralights, hard acro, and slalom flying. With plenty of power for tandems, the Cosmos is a force to be reckoned with.

THOR 202

While the Polini 202 is a heavier option than its air cooled cousins, pilots who have made the switch speak highly of its smooth running, easy starting and reliable operation. What’s best for us? It mounts easily to our Limitless frame!

THOR 303

The big daddy of the Polini line up, the 303 is the culmination of years of research and development with its predecessor the 250. Released in 2021, the 303 initially had challenges due to it’s extremely high compression but Polini has recently released a new head that seems to have completely flipped the script on those issues. Favored by tandem, slalom, and aerobatic pilots the 303 is an excellent option for all.


We assemble every Limitless Paramotor in the USA at our facilities in Florida. You can follow along with your own custom build in person, or through our web based camera systems. Design your own Limitless Paramotor today!



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